Hi. I'm Dylan.

I’m a software developer, part-time U.S. Marine, and digital marketer. I dream big, love philosophical conversation, and I use the web to make my impact.

Software Development

My code monkey roots come from attending a small technical college about 10 miles from Seattle. It was there I earned an Associate's Degree in Computer Science, having later graduated from Western Governor's University with a Bachelor's Degree in Software Development. I now code in my spare time and love the practice.

U.S. Marine Corps

As a member of the Marine Corps Reserves, boot camp and the accompanying training has been an immensely valuable experience. It's a journey that isn't always easy or inviting but it's an opportunity to challenge myself mentally and physically, while serving my country in a rewarding way.

Digital Marketing

Having founded Empowermented, an online marketing brand / blog for businesses and entrepreneurs, building and growing digital assets has become my passion. I write guides about advertising, investing, website marketing, and life advice for the more casual reader. My expertise is in copywriting, SEO, and PPC.

My Software Projects

Inventory System
Java – Net Beans

This was a school projected, 1 of 2 created with the Net Beans IDE. Coded in Java, it’s a desktop application for inventory tracking. It allows the user to add products with parts that correspond to those products.

Download Here

Inventory System #2
Java – Net Beans

This was project 2 of 2 created with the Net Beans IDE. Coded in Java, it provides a more advanced feature-set of inventory tracking.

Download Here

Student Course Manager
Java – Android Studio

This was an Android application created as a school project. It allows a student to track college terms, the courses within those term, the mentors assigned to those courses, and various other details.

Download Here

Development Competencies

C# - Visual Studio 90%
Java - Android Studio / Net Beans 90%
SQL 90%
HTML & CSS 85%

Marketing Competencies

Content Marketing 95%
Adwords PPC 95%
Search Engine Optimization 95%
Facebook Remarketing 95%

Accredited Education


Bachelor of Science - Software Development

Western Governors University


Associate of Science - Computer Science

Renton Technical College


CompTIA - A+

CIW - User Interface Designer

CIW - HTML5 & CSS3 Specialist

Dylan Bozeman

My Story - Who Am I Really?


I grew up in Renton, WA, a relatively small city in the greater Seattle area. There was nothing particularly exciting about Renton – except that Jimmy Hendrix was buried there! That’s pretty cool, at least we always thought so.

The Pacific Northwest is a great place. I still live in the area today.

I was your typical kid. I played sports, dated girls, I even stopped applying myself in high school (regretfully) just like the best of us.

Aside from being a pretty normal guy, I was always fascinated by things my friends rarely seemed to concern themselves with – evolution, the human existence, outer space, the nature of our mind, and the values we live by. These are the things that kept me up at night and it’s what I truly enjoyed. I know it, I’m a huge nerd. It’s all good.

Most of my interests were driven by the sheer mystery and discovery of it all.  I’ve always had an inquisitive and experimental nature.  I never wanted to accept things at face value and I questioned nearly everything.

In truth, this also led to some confusion and misdirection in my early life. It caused me to think analytically, and at times, it also led to the surfacing of anxiety and self-doubt. This eventually led me to investigate further and I started reading a lot of self-help. I learned a lot about some of life’s strange, and in this case, unwanted responses or feelings.

As my interests in the world around, and within me, continued well into adulthood, I found myself aligning with viewpoints that offered simplicity and ability to provide essential life answers, while staying free from typical religious concepts.

After researching dozens of books, podcasts, and articles, my journey encouraged an adherence to important personal values. It has been a great way to stay focused and grounded.

Following values is far from a new concept or idea. Values are something that have been adopted by many, including head coaches like Pete Carroll from the Seattle Seahawks and military branches like the Marine Corps. Values help us connect with a philosophy that is greater than ourselves.

These are values I believe have been (and will be) attributed to many of my ambitions in life and hopefully accomplishments too.

  • 1. Take Responsibility – accept responsibility for all of your life’s conditions. There is value in suffering and problems are powerful, not painful, when chosen. Emotions are our biological guide to making changes but we should always question their accuracy. Accept everything and nothing can overwhelm you. Happiness comes from the process of solving value oriented problems, improving our circumstances, and surmounting the negative. Problems are inevitable but can be exchanged and upgraded.
  • 2. Be Present – attachment to objects or obtainment denies the present. What is here and now is what matters. No goal or achievement can bring happiness. Only the process can. Practice alertness and immersion with every action. Even seeking a state of mind hinders awareness and freedom, disconnecting you from the connected nature of the world. Chasing positivity will only reinforce what you lack and accepting the negative is itself positive. Return to the original, natural condition of the mind. Your thoughts are merely tools, an asset to be used, not possessed by.
  • 3. Embrace Uncertainty – embracing uncertainty allows us to let go of self-limiting beliefs. We are architects of our own belief system but our beliefs are always wrong, they can never be right. The mind cannot provide the answers. Don’t find yourself. Never know who you are. Let your ego dissolve, the good and the bad. Letting go is liberating and freeing. There is no reason to attach to what you do not know.
  • 4. Always Compete – you can never stop climbing as the whole point of life is the climb. Strive to always compete. Put your best foot forward toward your problems. Your effort and ability to solve problems is the determinant of your happiness. Be the best you can be in the face of adversity. Find new problems. Consistently improve everything.
  • 5. Accept Failure – failure and the acceptance of fear is the way forward. Failure is relative and depends on the values/metrics it’s measured by. Success is the result of many failures. An appreciation and absence of care for pain brings success. You must value something bigger than the pain. Sustain the pain by just doing something, it’s part of the process. (action > inspiration > motivation)
  • 6. Make Commitments – say “no” more, stand for something and build meaning by rejecting what’s not true to your values. Create boundaries and commitments. Our culture of buy more, be more, and achieve more creates dangerous values. We are often happier with less and by embracing simplified problems, you can achieve greater success. Confinement creates appreciation and forms our identity. 
  • 7. Live Beyond Yourself – living for more than your existence is the answer. Optioning for values is both the defiance and acceptance of life’s only certainty, death. This is what makes you strong, great, and successful. You choose to live by a moral code of values, despite certain death. It is your “immortality project.” Death is the compass to orient your values by. Living beyond yourself gives you the strength to surmount the pain you will inevitably encounter.


Now that we’ve got the deeper stuff out of the way, what’s my professional story? I’m glad you asked.

I created my first website in 2005. I was 13 and like most 13 year old’s, I played a lot of video games. Computer games, mostly.

I was the founder of a small competitive gaming clan (community of video game players) and we wanted our own website so I decided to make one. I didn’t know much HTML or anything about web design but I learned along the way.

It was our “headquarters” for a fictitious ranking system that allowed us to pretend we were 4 Star Generals. It even had a forum. It was honestly a lot of fun.

What was at the time a childhood hobby started to become something more pretty soon after. The clan website and the accompanying projects that ensued are what inspired my interest in web development.

The hustle and grind required to build a following, drive traffic, and grow the website was a process I started to enjoy. I saw that success could transpire from that effort and it motivated further entrepreneurial projects.

I realized this skill-set could be an asset for small businesses and it could even benefit my own online career.

That’s when I decided I wanted to do more than just make video game fan pages. I wanted to build bigger and better websites. Ones that could turn a profit while making a positive impact.

I became obsessed with internet entrepreneurship. I learned to use affiliate products to monetize websites. I spent months researching website marketing strategies and I was completely enthralled with their potential. I studied search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, content marketing, inbound traffic generation, social media marketing, and more. Each visitor tracked in Google Analytics was an exciting and adventurous win.

Like many business ventures though, it wasn’t always easy. I created many websites and some were quite good. These eventually became successes and are still live today. Others turned out to be disappointments, even some that took considerable amounts of time and effort. Each was a learning opportunity.

What stuck with me was a desire to continue doing what I loved. Continue creating. Continue contributing to the web.

At this point, I was older and in college. I was learning computer programming and software development full-time. I had student loan debt, a mortgage on a condo, and all your typical bills. Working independently as an entrepreneur just wasn’t an ideal financial situation for me. I needed to expand my network.

For years, I worked as a service provider and freelancer for small businesses. I then founded Empowermented to provide my services to a wider audience and empower brands, businesses, and entrepreneurs worldwide.

The website encompassed what I had often attempted to do separately through multiple domains. Now, my courses and other content could come together through a central brand. Topics like digital marketing, investing, passive income, and entrepreneur advice could be addressed under one roof and promoted to a similar audience.

My goal was also to be more than just another agency. The internet had enough average agencies. Businesses didn’t know who to trust. They were constantly bombarded with claims of “top search engine rankings,” “page one results,” and “more website traffic.” Everyone was a “marketing expert” and “Adwords certified.” For the startup with a cautious budget, it was impossible to navigate. Many businesses lost money and were unable to gain traction.

With Empowermented, I vowed to get it right:

  • Never set-and-forget a marketing campaign. An unfortunately common practice among PPC providers, a forgotten marketing campaign leads to lost revenue. I pledged to provide consistent value month-after-month for our clients. We would never set-and-forget a campaign. A dedicated account manager would ensure everything possible was being done and clients were well informed.
  • An incredible team of in-house content creators – no outsourcing. When you hire an agency to manage your blog or write copy, you want the best talent possible. Many agencies outsource to third parties which severely impacts content quality. Our team of writers would be homegrown and self-managed.
  • More than any competing provider. Many of our services would go beyond the capabilities of our competitors. Difference making solutions like landing page design, conversion optimization, and split testing would help us gain that edge. While we were not a web development agency, we would do web development tasks that would normally be billed. Here, it would be included.
  • No contracts. A good marketing agency should be able to earn your business. That’s exactly what we would do. There would be no contract or long-term commitment. We’d make sure our clients are a strong match for our services and that’s it. If you want out, there’s no agreement to breach. 
  • Sound services backed by industry leading tactics. Not every agency is capable of reaching higher levels of returns. Making the most of your investment and budget is a skill that our team would know best. Our sound services would be backed by tactics that maximize campaign performance. Going above and beyond to drive email list subscribers, social presence, and results would be our standard.