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I'm Dylan. An Inbound Growth Marketer for Online Brands

I’d love to hear from you and see if we can sync up. My passion lies in turning businesses into marketing development projects. I help you systemize, employ AI/software and use growth hacking strategies to your fullest ability.


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About Me

Dylan Bozeman is an inbound marketer and growth specialist for online brands and businesses. Born and raised in the greater Seattle area, he recently relocated to the beautiful mountainous countryside that surrounds Tahoe City, CA.

Dylan obtained his undergraduate degree from Western Governors University in Software Development but found his passion in scaling and systemizing digital businesses.

He loves meaningful writing, creating content that audiences will love and helping businesses navigate the complex world of digital growth. Internet marketing is a competitive landscape. Understanding the practice and use of marketing strategies, employing AI/software to analyze data, and implementing a result driven plan is what I can do best for a business.

In college, Dylan founded a marketing education company that teaches businesses growth hacking tactics through short guides of text and video. His program has helped marketers from around the world with inbound marketing insight and entrepreneurship.

Today, Dylan spends his professional time consulting with CEO’s and marketing managers. In his free time, he enjoys snowboarding, riding his dual-sport dirt bike, and working to stay competitive with himself in areas like mindset, body and health. Dylan enjoys the studies of psychology, nutrition, philosophy, paleontology and astronomy. He’s also a reservist in the U.S. Marine Corps, always looking for a challenge in life and to continue forward in unique and innovative ways.

My Professional Background

Dylan learned to code in college and has worked full-time as a programmer/software developer for Boeing. His language of choice is Java using the Apache Wicket Web Framework. Dylan has developed several cloud-based tools and will soon be releasing these as online SaaS projects with most functionality offered free. He hopes they can prove useful to the community and serve a purpose to those that rely on them.

As a developer, Dylan worked in agile iterations as bi-weekly Scrum sprints to deliver deployable software improvements.

Development Experience



Java – Eclipse/Netbeans/Android Studio, C# – Visual Studio, PHP

Apache Wicket Web Framework, Ajax, Maven, Spring, Hibernate, Camunda, JRebel, Jetty, Tomcat, 

Linux Servers, Windows Servers

SQL – MySQL, Oracle, H2 Database

HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, WordPress, Bootstrap, Bulma, CloudFlare, Cpanel/WHM, CloudPanel

GitLab/Git commands, JIRA, Trello, Asana

Digital Marketing


Ahrefs, Moz, SEMRush, SEOProfiler, SERPStat, Alexa, Cognitive SEO, AdvancedWebRanking, RankerX, WebTextTool

SpyFu, WooRank, JotURL, PopLink, TagOn, TrackingDesk,, ActiveChat, Continually, ContentStudio, EngageForm, SalesForce, PlugnPaid, BookLikeaBoss, Stencil, DesignBold, Dibz, NoteJoy, LemList, Snovio, Dubb, AutoKlose, StackMails, Scrapebox, Unless, Ispoionage, PixelMe, Vaizle, ViralStat, Accuranker, HikeSEO, LinkCheetah, RankActive, SERanking, SERPCheetah, SERPCloud, Zag, SERPStat, MissingLettr, PromORepublic, RelayThat, Sociamonials, Animatron, Animiz, InVideo, Hippovideo, Lumen5, Rocketium, VideoBolt, WindScribe, VPNSecure, Unlimited VPN, Simvoly, Web Arx Security

Current Projects


Digital Marketing Services for Online Growth

Empowermented is a digital marketing service and business development agency. Our goal is to bring cost-effective content and growth services to every business. The approach we use increases reach, drives traffic and creates engaging experiences for your audience.

Originally a marketing education company, our short guides help businesses navigate the complex digital marketing landscape. Driven by, the marketing strategies we employ and teach are supported by some of the best tools/software in the industry. TargetedAI is a growth hacking framework that automates your sales process and uses AI software to automate workflows.

We work with clients from startups to businesses with established traffic and existing marketing practices. Wherever you’re starting from or looking to get to, we consistently provide a trusted and proven process. With every client, the same premium services are amplified at a rate equivalent to the monthly spend/budget. Our goal is a cost-effective and result-driven solution.

Empowermented was forged out of the necessity to continue growing. As an entrepreneur, you hit important moments where action is needed.

Starting an agency and building this business was one of those moments. I recognized I could live a secure job as a software developer for a large corporation, or I could express my creative freedom and build my own future online. It was a scary and anxiety provoking move but I decided it was worth it. I now exist as a creator and innovator. I’m able to follow my passion and work with some of the best businesses and people.

Online Marketing Service

Empowermented is a marketing education company with fully managed digital services. If you’re looking for a team that can run your campaigns and grow your business online, we can help.

Digital growth hacking framework

Cloud software is evolving rapidly and marketing tools are at the tip of the spear. Legitimate AI systems are no longer in the distant future, they are the present. There are many AI’s in the internet marketing and entrepreneurial world. These are software applications built by innovators and entrepreneurs much like yourself. They enable the analysis of data, implementing process automation and they assist in your growth.

TargetedAI connects you with the exact software you need, as your own personal growth hacking framework. Our AI network allows you to generate more leads and become an authority, using strategies like inbound content marketing, sales process automation, SEO and paid advertising.

This was originally a side project that developed from Empowermented. As the businesses we worked with continued to express interest in our software and how we were providing results, we saw a need to create the growth hacking framework. Not all businesses want a fully managed marketing service. Some would prefer to lead the charge single handedly, building their own automated workflows and acquiring a team of talent. TargetedAI was our attempt to recognize that and provide a path that leads to success.

Designed as more of an AI network, TargetedAI utilizes the existing software community and in-house tools to recommend systemized approaches that your business and lead to better results online.

We often find you deals and coupons from AI developers, in exchange for including them in our growth framework. If a discount can’t be obtained, we do our best to find other cost-savings for you.

Growth Hacking Framework

TargetedAI is a framework that you can follow to integrate AI and utilize powerful software for your business. It helps automate sales and align your business with tools that make a difference.


Outreach is an important part of growing a business online. As Google’s search engine algorithm evolved, it grew smart enough to require legitimate outreach in order to contend. This means that genuine content such as purposeful writing and well-made videos are no longer the exception, they are standard. In order to succeed organically in search engines, you must provide share-worthy content that will land link placements and provide opportunity for authentic growth.

Producing great content is the best way to get recognized and (sometimes) even rewarded. However, for every great piece of content there must be equal promotion. In effort to extend my reach, I share my work and seek guest publications with like-minded websites. After writing a strong piece, getting it seen and read is top priority.

This is the same approach we take with our services at Empowermented. With so many websites on the internet today and each competing for space, it’s possible to write something exceptional that will never see the light of day. Our mission is to make sure this doesn’t happen to us or to you.

Track My Progress

Authentically Showcased Growth

My Journey

I love writing, it soothes anxiety on a tough day and helps me express my creativity. It has been incredibly beneficial to me as a person. I decided to couple that passion with my obsession for philisophical thinking, business development and entrepreneurship.

If you’re an inspiring entrepreneur, deep thinker or you would just like to track my journey and peer into my thoughts (scary) while I work towards my goals, I’m happy to have you along for the ride.

I hope the projects I work on and the updates I provide can be as beneficial to you as it is for me. I expect my posts are rather journal like at moments but I’ll try to keep them as informative and as case-study oriented as possible. Most importantly, I plan to be authentic. This allows me to stay accountable and allows you to learn from my mistakes. I have likely included some irrelevant rambling from time to time but I hope that you can shoulder that for the insight and value my journey provides.

Some posts may feature content that is dually published on Empowermented. When something becomes a significant part of my process, it gets refined and built into a guide for further publishing.

With anything I do, I want what I’m working on right now to live beyond its original intent. I hope it continues to serve audiences and remain relevant. They call this evergreen content in the industry, but I think it can be achieved with any topic when your words are genuine and truly spoken.

Want to Work with Me?

If the online development of your business is something you could use help with, feel free to reach out.
I’m here to help you systemize, track what’s working, track what’s not and use data analytics to understand and coordinate a winning strategy.
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