About Me

Dylan is a software engineer with several years experience developing Enterprise applications for a Fortune 500 company.

His interest in web development started young, when he built and managed personal website projects. After learning digital marketing, he started a service business providing content and paid advertising to online brands.

Dylan received his undergraduate degree in computer science and software development. The knowledge he acquired in programming inspired his interest in SaaS applications and the development of Productized businesses.

Dylan’s focus shifted from serving clients, to building sustainable businesses that could operate independently. This format later became known as Productizing. It’s applicable to SaaS apps, digital services, courses, and virtually all other products. It offers a streamlined process where both parties can appreciate the simplicity of delivery and its scalable nature.

Dylan now enjoys creating products for business and personal growth.

Helping entrepreneurs achieve their goals is one of his primary pursuits. His project management and content marketing products make the day-to-day grind easier for modern businesses. Increasing revenues and improving workflows, these are products that have taken years to develop and refine.

Lastly, Dylan’s early exposure to mindfulness practices transformed his perspective on what it means to empower others. His aspirations are to encourage a meditation movement and promote investigating what he has found to be a rewarding area of personal exploration. He believes in living an examined life in harmony with the lessons of mindfulness and hopes to share this perspective with others through his work.

To learn more about Dylan and his background, you can read his full story and first-person account of his journey into product development.