Sometimes you just need a quick reminder of what’s available in terms of link building. While you can never completely exhaust a link building strategy, it’s often useful to use a new approach and try out different methods. Diversifying your links is a great way to improve results.

This is a list of 56 creative link building opportunities to turn to when you’re in need of ideas.

If you have SEO clients or websites of your own that could benefit from link building, these strategies never get old. With these methods alone you could keep yourself occupied for years.

1. Guest posting

Providing quality content to blogs in your niche can build backlinks, your brand and increase exposure. Legitimate guest posting on authority blogs should always be a factor in your link building strategy. Guest posts on high traffic blogs can drive direct traffic to your website.

2. Content syndication

Syndicating your content to niche blogs and high authority sites can provide quality backlinks without requiring unique content. It’s possible to build a network of blog owners that are willing to accept syndicated content and don’t need unique posts. These backlinks can be just as valuable as links with unique content.

3. Web 2.0 Properties

A web 2.0 property is a free blogging website where users can create their own website and publish content with backlinks. Web 2.0 properties are sites like or Web 2.0 properties provide contextual links within articles that you publish on these blogs.

4. PDF/Document Directories

Articles can be converted into PDF format and submitted to document directories.

5. Video Directories

Youtube and other authority video directories can be great places to share video content and build links to your website using the description area for the video.

6. Press Release distribution

PR distribution and syndication can provide quality backlinks that are useful for domain/brand anchor text.

7. Link Directories

Niche directories are the most valuable, but all link directories provide backlinks.

8. Social Bookmarks

Social bookmarking sites are places where users publically share bookmarks, which provide backlinks to the bookmarked website.

9. Niche Blog Comments

Commenting on top blogs in your niche can provide direct traffic and build your brand.

10. Forum Profiles

You can edit your profile and add a link to your website on niche related forums.

11. Web 2.0 Profiles

Web 2.0 sites also provide a profile field that can be edited to include a backlink.

12. Audio Directories

If you have a tutorial or other audio, you can submit it to audio directories.

13. Expired Domains

Buy high PR expired domains and use them for your own private blog network.

14. Donation Pages

Sometimes if you donate to a website, they will display a contribution message on the page with a link to your site.

15. Testimonial/Review Websites

Review websites will sometimes ask for a website address when you leave a testimonial.

16. Fiverr

You can find high PR blogs with guest post opportunities on Fiverr for $5.

17. Scoop It

Scoop It allows you to suggest your content to others.

18. Infographic Directories

Infographics are fun ways to portray a message. Submit your infographic to directories.

19. Ask for a Link

Most webmasters will link to you if your website has good content and solves a specific issue for their users. Check websites for a “resources” page and contact websites where there’s an opportunity for a link.

20. Software Directories

If you can create software for computers, there are plenty of directories where you can publish your software and get backlinks.

21. Social Media Websites

Social media giants such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus provide links that are important to your search engine rankings.

22. Website Feedback Sites

Sites that grade/analyze your website and provide feedback sometimes provide a backlink.

23. Blog Aggregators

Sites such as where the internet’s top blog articles are published are good sources for links. You can submit your site for inclusion.

24. Provide Something Free

Free content spreads like wildfire on the internet. Anytime you’re offering something free, it has a tendency to get linked to naturally. Offer up free t-shirts or other cheap stuff.

25. Coupon Directories

If you have a valuable coupon that can save shoppers money, submit your site to coupon directories and publish its first coupon for customers to use.

26. Tutorial Directories

Tutorials are highly valuable content. If you’ve taken the time to create a tutorial, be sure to maximize your website’s backlink profile by submitting it to tutorial directories.

27. Haro

Haro is a service where you’ll receive emails from reporters that need fresh content on specific subjects. If you want links from big news sites with authority, Haro makes it easy.

28. Warrior Special Offers

Warrior Forum is an internet marketing forum with a “special offers” section that can be used to share content that can easily get massive exposure.

29. Sponsored Hosting

Providing free hosting in exchange for site wide links.

30. Case Studies

If you write a good case study, you can advertise it on the web and get links from shares.

31. Pay for Blog Reviews

SponsoredReviews and ReviewMe are places where you can get reviews and links.

32. Answer Questions

Yahoo Answers and other big answer sites are great link sources.

33. Local Business Listings

Submitting your website to local business directories can provide quality links.

34. Web Cam Directories

There are web cam directories, provided you have something useful or entertaining to share on web cam.

35. Logo Template Directories

You can create or outsource logos and then submit those to free logo directories.

36. Business Card Template Directories

Design a business card and offer it up for free at business card template directories.

37. Website Template Directories

Template directories are valuable link sources, especially since you can include a link to your site in the template as well and anyone who uses it will provide additional links.

38. RSS Feeds

RSS feeds can be sent to directories for backlinks.

39. Mobile Application Directories

Create an app for the iPhone, Android or Windows operating systems and build links when you submit the app to directories.

40. EBook Directories

EBooks are generally long guides in PDF form. You can submit your ebooks to directories.

41. Blog Carnivals

Communities that allows you to submit content in exchange for contextual links.

42. Image Directories

Images like clipart or stock photos can be published on directories that provide backlinks.

43. Contests

Provide a grand prize and start your own contest. Contests provide links and attract attention.

44. Printable Resource Websites

Websites where you can download and print printable resources such as coupons, art projects or anything else will often provide a backlink if you submit something useful.

45. Create Free Tools/Web Apps

Create a free web based tool that you can provide to your website visitors. Useful applications that don’t cost are share-worthy and attract natural links.

46. Powerpoint Directories

You can repurpose your content into a Powerpoint slideshow and submit to directories.

47. Free Games

Just as free tools are great for building links naturally, free games work just fine too.

48. Catered Content

Catering content to the specific needs of a website can be a great way to get links from blogs that would otherwise never want your content. Think of it as guest posting, but with significant research spent to cater the content to their blog.

49. Broken Link Hero

Be a broken link hero and scan websites for broken links, then contact them letting them know and providing a replacement link to your website instead. This often works if your content is related and the broken link was on a “resources” page.

50. Conduct Interviews

Conduct an interview with experts in your niche. Once it’s complete, publish it on your blog and request that they publish it on their own as well. About half of the interviews you complete should result in a publication with a link to your site.

51. Create Quizzes

If you can program a quiz that’s catchy and has the potential to go viral on social media, you can get a lot of links from websites that share the quiz and use it.

52. Video Personalization

Allow your visitors to create a video and personalize it on some way. Anything with personalization tends to get published a lot. If users can upload a picture that inserts their face into the video, this is one way to offer personalization that can go viral quickly.

53. Create a Scholarship

By investing $1,000 into offering a scholarship for one lucky student, you can get links from top colleges around the country.

54. Create Lists / Roundups

Create a list / roundup of valuable resources that your users could benefit from. Lists can be blog articles from other websites or articles from your own blog. This type of content tends to get shared often because it minimizes research for your readers.

55. Article Directories

Article directories are places where you can submit articles you have previously published on your website. They provide backlinks of their own and your content could be syndicated to other websites.

 56. Wiki Sites

Wiki sites can be great for securing .edu and .gov links. Wiki sites generally provide an editable profile page where you can add content and gain contextual links.


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