Virtual assistants are a powerful asset when you’re short on time or don’t have the ability to do a task yourself.

Your business will be more efficient and more profitable by using a VA for work delegation.

Virtual assistants are generally paid by the hour and providing your VA with a constant stream of things to do can be difficult. Unless you’re breaking down your day and prioritizing projects. your VA won’t have anything to do after they finish their current assignment.

Most online virtual assistants come from overseas such as the Philippines or India. Common wages are close to a third of what you would expect to pay a VA in the United States. Your VA might not speak the best English or have the capabilities of a U.S. worker that has been trained and used computers their entire life. The projects and jobs they are best suited for are simple tasks that are easily understood.

You will get more for your money by sticking to a simplistic approach. If you assign your VA tasks that are overly complicated, they won’t end up getting much done. The last thing you want to do is cause confusion or stress as they may end up finding another employer if you make things too difficult. Remember that you’re paying them hourly, so they have to remain efficient at their job. Below you will find 16 internet marketing tasks that can be easily outsourced to a virtual assistant.

1. Guest Posting

I wouldn’t ask a VA to write guest post articles for you, because they likely have broken English and the quality of their work will be mediocre at best. However, there is another aspect to guest posting that virtual assistants are perfectly suited for.

Making the initial contact (emailing)

Getting an article published on a top quality blog is hard work. Writing the content and producing an article that’s worthy of the blog is difficult on its own, but making contact with the blog and getting them to respond to you can be even more challenging.

Virtual assistants are more than capable of sending emails. If you can gather up a list of websites for your VA to contact and provide them with an email template, they won’t have to actually communicate with the blog owners and they can easily make the initial contact for you. Once you start getting replies, you can handle all of the communication and facilitate the process from that point forward. Let your VA focus on what they are good at and you can handle the rest.

2. Data Presentation

Do you have content that could be shared, if only it was share ready?

Data presentation is an excellent task for a virtual assistant. You can have them prepare Powerpoints, audio files, infographics or other types of presentable data.

They don’t have to do any of the content writing since it’s already done for them, and the design work can be provided by using free Powerpoint templates, audio tools and infographic templates. The tasks required of the VA will be simple, copy and paste work.

This is a great first step if you intend to do link building on Powerpoint directories, infographic directories, audio directories and more.

3. Management/Organization

Having a hard time staying organized? Need someone to help you with file management?

Organizing your business can get complicated, especially when you stress or over think things. One way to mitigate that stress is to have your virtual assistant handle some of the small tasks that can go a long way with staying organized.

If you need some help organizing Google Docs or Dropbox, VA’s are generally more than capable of this. They can rename files and folders, move items around and keep things organized neatly for your business.

4. On-Page Search Engine Optimization and Other General Website Tasks

Although content writing is typically outside the reach of a virtual assistant, there are many on-page search engine optimization tasks that don’t require exceptional writing skills.

Simple on-page tasks a VA can do for your website:

  • Add images to posts and optimize them using image alt text
  • Add relevant videos to posts
  • Optimize H1 tags for your posts
  • Add relevant tags to posts
  • Add internal links to other posts

5. Off-Page Search Engine Optimization (Link Building) and General Promotion

If you use web 2.0 properties, article directories, press release directories and other platforms that are free to submit content to, you could train your virtual assistant to do these types of link building tasks.

However, keep in mind that off-page SEO can be very repetitive and difficult to train. Most virtual assistants prefer not to do this type of work. Registering and submitting content to the same websites repeatedly generally doesn’t provide job fulfillment or satisfaction. Off-page seo can be boring, so this really shouldn’t be a surprise. Eventually, virtual assistants that are only assigned this type of work will begin to look elsewhere for a more satisfying job.

There are businesses you can hire and freelancers that offer this type of work on communities like If outsourcing off-page SEO to a virtual assistant isn’t working for you, you might want to give this a try.

Submission tasks you can outsource:

  • Article directories
  • Press release distribution
  • Web 2.0 properties
  • Web 2.0 profiles
  • Wiki sites
  • Video directories
  • Tutorial directories
  • Document/PDF
  • Powerpoint directories
  • Infographic directories
  • Audio directories
  • Social bookmarking sites
  • Local business listings
  • Link directories
  • Blog comments
  • Forum profiles
  • Software directories
  • Blog aggregation sites
  • Feedback/Website review sites

6. Find Targeted Leads

Whether you’re contacting your leads by phone or email, a virtual assistant is a great person to hire to find targeted leads.

Do some research on your own and find niche related websites that are highly targeted to your specific demographics. Make sure these websites have phone numbers or email addresses available for the users. Even if the site has security to prevent bots from accessing this data, your VA might be able to get to it manually. Paying a virtual assistant to copy down the leads for you could be worthwhile if they are potential customers.

7. Keyword Research

Finding keywords with low competition, high commercial intent (searcher’s likelihood to buy) and high search volume on Google can take time. If you have access to keyword research software, training your VA to use it can completely eliminate this from your schedule.

Software makes keyword research considerably easier. Instead of using your own research to determine the difficulty or competition of keywords, the software will use its own algorithm and display competition scores for every keyword. It makes analyzing and comparing keywords take only a matter of seconds and it can be done for every blog post that you publish on your website.

When you need keyword research for your clients or own websites, you’ll only have to send your virtual assistant the website’s niche. From there, they can handle the remainder of the process and have profitable keywords delivered to you by the day’s end.

8. Find Valuable Domains

Domains with high Domain Authority can be valuable to an SEO campaign.

These domains can easily be 301 redirected to your site, transferring the authority or they can be used for high DA link building.

Training your virtual assistant to check the stats and backlink profile of domains on Godaddy or other domain auction sites can help you find domains that are worth purchasing.

9. Competition Analysis

Knowing the backlinks of your competitors and evaluating their efforts will make you more knowledgeable and capable of outperforming them.

One way to do this to replicate their efforts by seeking out link building relationships with the same websites they have links from. As you begin to obtain the same links they have, while also building additional links, your site will begin to move up in the search results and overtake them.

On-page competition analysis can be just as important as off-page. Your competition is a great place to look to find ideas for your blog, learn how to do effective on-page optimization, and learn how to organize your website’s content.

10. Content Writing / Article Writing

An overseas virtual assistant won’t speak perfect English and expecting them to write quality content is generally only going to lead to disappointment. If you can find a VA that’s capable of doing article writing and hasn’t already found a better paying employer, then you should really think about what you’re paying them. Good quality article writers deserve a higher salary than what the typical virtual assistant charges. Content writing is a great task to outsource if you have a reliable VA that can write to your standards.

11. Other Content Tasks

Whether you scrape, spin, or do a little of both, a virtual assistant is perfect for content related tasks that don’t involve too much writing. If it’s as easy as using software or if it only requires copying and pasting, then it can be outsourced.

12. Increase Twitter and Facebook Following

Increasing your Twitter and Facebook following can have a significant impact on your branding and reputation in the industry.

Scheduling Tweets and status updates, monitoring mentions and hashtags, and promoting your pages is something a VA can do without too much training.

Social media plays an important role in how your business is viewed and analyzed by your customers.

13. Building Reports

If you provide services to clients or need to build fancy reports to showcase on your website, virtual assistants can be trained to create those reports.

There are many tools designed to produce reports for on-page optimization, backlink analysis, market research, competition analysis and more. Operating the software is generally step by step procedure that can be taught by creating a screencast for your VA. You can even setup a schedule with your virtual assistant so that these reports are automatically done on a regular basis.

14. Find Trending Topics

If you’re churning out 1-2 blog posts each week, why not do some research first and find topics to write about that are trending and have the highest presence on social networks?

After all, social networks are responsible for the majority of today’s viral content and writing about popular subjects will provide more traffic to your website.

You can train a VA to use tools like BuzzSumo, or have them do the topic research manually.

15. WordPress/CMS Tasks

Most websites today are powered by what is known as a content management system. WordPress has become the predominant CMS in the industry. It’s free, open source and supported by thousands of active developers.

Within a content management system like WordPress there are a lot of administrative tasks such as moderating comments, updating plugins, installing themes and more. Training a virtual assistant to use a CMS is easy and it will save you time by not having to do everything yourself.

16. Online Research

Research tasks generally only require finding and storing information. It’s straightforward work that’s easy to understand. Asking your VA to take on some of these roles for you is a smart decision that can save you time and money.

Think outside the box! This section is short but there is a lot of potential here. Every situation is different and how a VA is used for online research will vary depending on the unique needs of your business.


I’m 25, a software developer and I’m excited to be here and provide transparency to everything I do online. I build, grow and sustain profitable web-based businesses and I’ll continue to use this platform to strengthen my own accountability and provide others with useful insight and data.

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