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SEO Auditing Services for Website Analysis, Evaluation & Reporting

Analyze & Review your Website’s Search Engine Optimization Opportunities

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Website SEO Auditing Reporting Evaluation Review Analysis Services


Keyword research for your primary product or service for homepage SEO.


Knowing your most valuable keywords allows you to target the right phrases, produce more traffic and get better long-term results through SEO.


Auditing of your entire website's on-page SEO and META optimization.


Our SEO audit provides technical information for every page on your website including titles, descriptions and additional on-page content.


Auditing of your website's entire backlink profile with anchor text and stats.


Your search engine rankings are dependent on the number of sites that link to you and the quality of those domains and pages.

A website SEO audit provides an in-depth and highly technical look at your website, its structure and its SEO opportunities.

If you’re unsure whether search engine optimization is something your business needs, our SEO auditing services provides the analysis and reporting that’s necessary to see where improvements can be made or if they need to be made at all.

First, we start every SEO analysis with keyword research. This allows us to find your most profitable keyword phrases, which you should ideally be targeting on your homepage. These are the phrases that are most relevant to your primary product or service. They will also have low competition in comparison to their search volume and traffic potential. We’ll later use these keywords for additional website SEO reporting services.

We also analyze and review your entire website’s on-page SEO. We find which pages need optimization and which pages have content that’s already relevant to our proposed internal pages. If any pages are missing data, have duplicate content or broken links, our SEO evaluation service will find it.

To wrap up the audit, your website’s backlink profile is downloaded and sorted by the sites with the highest authority. This creates an SEO link report that’s easy to evaluate and review for link quality. Links at the bottom of the list are potential targets for Google’s disavow tool, while links at the top give you an overview of which links contribute the most to your search engine rankings.

When you have a new client or need better reporting and analysis for your own website, our SEO auditing services provides the technical data.

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1. Extensive Homepage Keyword Research
2. Basic Keyword Research for Proposed Internal Page Creation
3. Connecting of Proposed Internal Pages to Existing On-Site Content
4. Auditing of your Website’s Main Menu / Navigation
5. Auditing of Website Pages
6. Auditing of Blog Post Pages
7. Auditing of Blog Post Categories
8. Backlink Profile Auditing
9. Proposed On-Page Optimization
11. Proposed Off-Page SEO Strategy with Link Building and Social Media


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Website SEO Auditing Services

Bridging the Gap Between Business Owners and SEOs

Our technical SEO auditing services help businesses better understand search engine optimization concepts. Most business owners are unfamiliar with SEO and the major impact simple changes can have for their website’s search engine rankings. When SEO freelancers or service providers begin referencing technical terms, things can get overwhelming. Our SEO audit helps bridge that gap and familiarize you with some of the foundational components of SEO.

Learn what on-page SEO terms you need to know, what issues we found during our SEO evaluation, understand the basics of link building and learn what establishing a backlink profile means. We provide simplistic reports with spoon-fed information that’s not overwhelmingly complicated or difficult to understand. Rather, we try to help you truly connect with the data we’ve found and understand how SEO services can have a significant impact on your search engine rankings and organic traffic. We’ll even bridge the gap for you and your clients! All of our reports are completely white label.

Website SEO Analysis Review Evaluation Services

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While our SEO auditing services are the ideal way to examine your website, sometimes you just want a quick glance at your site and its standing in search engines. We offer a free SEO analysis tool that you can use to analyze and inspect your website. While it doesn’t evaluate the same criteria as our more extensive SEO auditing services, it does provide some of the fundamental analysis services that are important to better understanding your website’s SEO. Feel free to explore the tool and review your own website, your competitors and even your clients.

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Our website SEO auditing services allow you to find out where your website ranks, how it stacks up to your competition, what issues your website has from an on-page SEO perspective and what backlinks are contributing to your rankings. Our services provide a complete SEO analysis with thorough reporting. For an in-depth overview of everything you will need to know about your website, you can count on our reports. Some of the many things our auditing service includes: Keyword research to ensure you are targeting the best keywords, Google & Bing rank tracking for your most profitable keywords, competitor analysis to see where your rankings stack up, backlink auditing with anchor text analysis, broken link checking for finding invalid links on your website, redirect auditing for finding redirect chains or loops on your website, page title, META description and keyword analysis for spotting empty fields and poor optimization, duplicate content checking for reducing duplicate content across your website, and assurance that your robots file, sitemap and other directives are configured. Our website SEO auditing services are a complete and apprehensive approach to scanning your on-page needs.