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Thank you for your interest in my content and digital marketing services. In a flooded industry where freelance providers are plentiful, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for businesses to know who to trust. With so many variables to inbound marketing, I deeply value my client relationships. It’s a privilege to have your trust placed in me and I’m passionate about representing your business and growing your online presence. Fostering productive and successful relationships is my highest priority.

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  5. Local SEO
  6. Website Auditing

Our Approach:

We provide comprehensive content marketing services that deliver far more than just rankings and organic search engine traffic.

While SEO fundamentals like on-page optimization, page-speed improvement and high authority link building are an essential part of our services, there’s far more to our organic strategies.

Search engines favor valuable content that’s engaging and caters to your audience.

Simple pages that merely advertise your products or services no longer perform well.

Instead, you need a genuine content marketing strategy that’s focused on building tangible assets for your website.

Our complete strategy incorporates premium content with authentic promotion, social media marketing and white-hat link building – allowing your business to thrive on all levels.

1. Premium Content

Our content-based SEO strategy places a heavy emphasis on producing brand building copy. With premium blog posts from college graduate writers; enhanced through rich media like videos and infographics, we set a new standard in search engine optimization.

This is the type of content users appreciate and it’s what search engines will rank in the top 10 results for even the most competitive of keyword phrases.

Every industry can benefit from content marketing, regardless of how your website is monetized. Run an e-commerce store? Articles such as “The Top 20 Brands to Buy From” perform considerably better in search engines than category and product pages.

Supported by custom newsletter opt-in boxes with enticing offers, your blog posts are powerhouses to email list building. It’s called lead magnetizing – trust us, it works!

2. Authentic Promotion

In an ideal world, quality content would get recognized and viewed on its own.

Unfortunately, the web’s a big place with millions of new pages published daily.

In this highly competitive landscape, you have to physically place your content in front of your target audience and force views and exposure.

Part of our services includes researching the places your demographics are found online.

We target high traffic sites and use these outlets for content syndication and promotion.

3. Social Media Marketing

We syndicate to social media influencers with large followings that can drive targeted traffic by sharing your content on their profiles.

To increase your search engine rankings, we then incorporate social signals from Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and dozens of other social media websites.

By sharing your content on groups and social communities, your brand gets additional exposure and a new set of eyes on your content.

We also setup social media synchronization with your website’s blog for real-time updates.

4. White-Hat Link Building

By incorporating manual link building using high authority sites, our services produce immediate results. Our link building targets sites with high metrics – DA/PA and CF/TF.

Similarly, our legitimate outreach methods like guest posting and other link acquisition tactics means your website gets the very best links that SEO has to offer.

We then combine this with your own private blog network and posts on existing blog networks, allowing your website to begin ranking in search engines quickly.

What You Need to Know About Inbound Marketing:

We don’t want to overwhelm you with the technical aspects of our services but we do want to make sure you understand our value.

Ranking in search engines isn’t an exact science. The competition of your keywords, your website’s age, existing authority, backlinks and on-page attributes are just some of the many hundreds of search engine rank factors. Google’s algorithm is extensive and because of this, there’s no precise timeline for getting clients to the top 10 results nor can any service provider guarantee an outcome.

Collectively, our team has decades of internet marketing experience. Our knowledge of SEO and driving inbound traffic is vast. You will have the very best in the industry working on your campaign and keeping you updated throughout the process. As your campaign develops, you will see results in real-time as your search engine rankings and traffic increases. Our experts will have a general timeline for you after 2-4 months.

Since our services incorporate other aspects of digital marketing like social media promotion, content syndication and legitimate outreach, you can expect inbound traffic long before your keywords rank in the top 10 results. Part of the benefit of working with us is getting a team that’s experienced in immediately driving traffic to your website. We create a strategy that delegates some of your budget toward these pursuits.

Our Typical Ranking Results:

  • Health Niche – High Competition

9 months – Client Budget: $500/m

  • Horticulture Niche – Low Competition

3 months – Client Budget: $400/m

  • Psychology Niche – High Competition
  • 6 months – Client Budget: $1,200/m

  • Pets Niche – Medium Competition
  • 6 months – Client Budget: $500/m

  • Local Printing Company – Low Competition
  • 4 months – Client Budget – $400/m

  • Local Automotive – Low Competition
  • 5 months – Client Budget – $500/m

  • Snowboard Niche – Medium Competition
  • 7 months – Client Budget: $900/m

  • SaaS Analytics – Medium Competition
  • 5 months – Client Budget: $1,500/m

  • SaaS Accounting – High Competition
  • 8 months – Client Budget: $1.200/m

  • SaaS CRM – Medium Competition
  • 14 months – Client Budget: $300/m

  • Consulting Niche – High Competition
  • 7 months – Client Budget: $700/m

    How We Start Fresh Marketing Campaigns

    1. Strategy Development

    Everything we do is 100% transparent and well-outlined. Our strategy development comes first, allowing you to approve what we have proposed with complete understanding of what’s being provided. Our strategies are uniquely crafted to your website and budget.

    2. Auditing Your Website

    Once our strategy outline is viewed and approved, we audit your website to find fundamental SEO errors such as broken links, a missing sitemap.xml file, poorly optimized page META elements, redirect loops, duplicate content, poor internal linking, etc.

    3. On-Page Optimization

    The existing pages of your website will need to be optimized before we can produce any new content or do perform off-site promotion.

    4. Auditing Your Backlinks

    By auditing your current backlink profile, we can better understand the existing authority your website already has and we can remove bad links that may be harming your rankings.

    5. Auditing Your Competitors

    To outperform your competitors, you have to know how far they stand above you. Auditing their backlink profile is a great way to secure some of the same links and then some.

    6. Keyword Research

    There could be hundreds of potential target keywords in your niche. Keyword research is important to targeting the right phrases. We find low competition and high search volume keywords that are ideal target phrases for ranking and driving organic traffic.

    7. Checking your Rankings

    Using our extensive keyword research, we run a rank check report to see if you’re already ranking for any of these keyword phrases. If you are, it’s better for us to target the phrases that your site is already performing well for.

    10 Step Content Marketing & SEO Strategy:

    SEO and Content Marketing Strategy

    Marketing Tools & Subscriptions 

    Our team has access to some of the most powerful tools in the industry. There’s nothing we can’t accomplish with our premium subscriptions and licenses. We have access to the best software from all of the leading brands.

    Our costs in tools alone are beyond $1,000/month, which means you won’t have to spend money to acquire these items on your own, we’ve got everything we need to grow your business already in-house.

    • Dedicated Server
    • SEMRush Pro
    • Moz Pro
    • Majestic Pro
    • Ahrefs Standard
    • Raven Tools Pro
    • Web CEO
    • SE Ranking
    • Grammarly Premium
    • BuzzSumo Pro
    • DomCop Power Plan
    • Screaming Frog SEO Spider
    • Link Assistant, Rank Tracker, SEO SpyGlass, Website Auditor & BuzzBundle
    • Internet Business Promoter
    • RankerX, GSA, Scrapebox & SENuke TNG
    • WordAI, Kontent Machine & Article Forge

    Dissection of our Manual Link Building

    A significant reason we’re able to deliver better results for our clients than most other service providers is due to our high authority link building. We take a white-hat approach to building your rankings and providing reliable results. We only build links on websites with high DA/PA and TF/CF, which are Moz and Majestic metrics that indicate authority.

    • Guest Posts on Niche Relevant Sites (Authority Sites with Traffic)
    • High PA Blog Properties (Your own Web 2.0 Network with Existing Authority)
    • Private Blog Network Creation (Your own Real Network with Existing Authority)
    • Private Blog Network Posts (On Existing PBNs – No Public or Free Networks Used)
    • Web 2.0 Blog Properties
    • .Edu and .Gov Profiles
    • Authority Social Profiles
    • Premium Press Releases
    • Quality Social Bookmarking
    • Authentic Article Syndication
    • PDF Document Creation & Submission
    • Premium Infographic Creation & Submission
    • Premium Video Creation & Submission
    • Audio Submission
    • PowerPoint Creation & Submission
    • Niche Related DoFollow Blog Commenting
    • Local Business Citations/Listings (Yelp, Google Listings, etc.)
    • Question/Answer Sites (Yahoo Answers, Quora, etc.)
    • Classified Ads (Craigslist, Backpage, etc.)
    • Quality Link Directories
    • Submission to Low Volume Search Engines (Provides Hidden Traffic)
    • Tier 2 Boosting with High Authority Social Profiles and Contextual Articles
    • Tier 3 Boosting to Provide Additional Authority into the Tier 2 Properties

    Dissection of our Social Signals

    Aside from contacting industry influencers and sharing your content on profiles with real followers, we also build social signals across these networks to maintain credibility with search engines. This indicates a strong social media presence and builds your authority.

    Shares with Views, Likes, Re-Shares and Genuine Comments:

    • Facebook Signals
    • LinkedIn Signals
    • Google Signals
    • Twitter Signals
    • Pinterest Signals
    • StumbleUpon Signals
    • Reddit Signals
    • Slashdot Signals
    • Flickr Signals
    • Listly Signals
    • LiveJournal Signals
    • Plurk Signals
    • MySpace Signals
    • SkyRock Signals
    • Storify Signals
    • Instructables Signals
    • Tumblr Signals
    • Weebly Signals
    • Ezine Signals
    • Youtube Signals

    We’re Here to Help

    If we haven’t been able to demonstrate that we’re the right team for the job, it’s possible we’re not a good match but I’d like to thank you for sticking it out until the end and I hope it was an insightful and productive read for you. We’d still love to hear from you!

    We treat our clients as employers and stay in close contact throughout your campaign. We’re your go-to team for everything SEO and content marketing related.

    If you’d like to take the next step, don’t hesitate to get in touch!